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Big Macs & Our Pensions: Who Gets McDonald's Profits?

Some people will tell you big corporations are at war with the middle class.

Don't believe it. In fact, big corporations have become retirement income machines for the middle class.

Learn more by reading this 3-chapter mini-book.

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Chapter 1: From Drive-In to Driving Force
  • Meet Richard and Maurice McDonald
  • Rethinking the Restaurant Model  
  •  Expanding the Vision 
  •  McDonald’s Today 
  •  So, How Much did We Make?
  • What’s the profit on your lunch? 
Chapter 2: Meet the New Owners
  • Why would a pension fund buy stocks?
  • The Many Hats We Wear
  • California Public Employees’ Retirement System
  • British Columbia Investment Management Corporation
  • Mutual Funds & ETFs: Vanguard
Chapter 3: Fast Food Fracases
  • Unfair Wages?
  • Our Many Hats
  • Hidden Subsidies?
  • Who Ultimately Decides on McDonald's Wages
Conclusion: Two Extraordinary Revolutions
  • The McDonald Brothers Go Home

Big Macs & Our Pensions: Who Gets McDonald's Profits?, Kindle version, is free today at Also available at in paperback.

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